Hi guys! Today I come up with another #EveryDayRecipes, yet another pasta recipe! 😍I cannot help it, I LOOOVE pasta and it’s so easy to make on those “I am in a rush” kind of days. Want to read my… View Post

Hi guys! This weekend I am back to France for 48h for a family reunion to celebrate my mom’s and brother’s birthdays. My sister Laura and I, who looove baking together, have decided to try this super easy vegan chocolate… View Post

Hi guys! I am so happy to post today about this lunch I had this past week. Honestly it is one of the QUICKEST LUNCHES EVER. I ran out of groceries and I was in a rush, so almost all… View Post

Hi guys! Following my #EveryDayRecipe series, today I am having this absolutely delicious lunch that I share the recipe with you now: Marinated Augbergine, Roasted Potatoes & Chickpeas Ingredients 1 large aubergine, sliced 1 can of tomato sauce 1 large… View Post

Happy Saturday guys! I am coming up with a series of #EveryDayRecipe on the Blog every week, to inspire you to cook super easy Plant-Based meals! What are we having for lunch today? Spicy Tomato & Onion Spaghetti Ingredients (for… View Post