10 Lessons I’ve learnt from people on my exchange abroad

In one of my previous posts, I mentioned that I’ve learnt such great lessons from every single person I met in my exchange abroad. Here are a few of them I’d like to share, so this post can inspire some of you to travel and maybe positively reflect on what people have taught you in your life. It’s all about building friendships, the law of attraction, self improvement, gratitude & positivity.

10 Lessons I’ve learnt from people on my exchange abroad



Give one hundred percent. Be generous, kind and accept people as they are.


Life your life to the fullest without regrets. Sometimes people come into your life for a moment, a day or a lifetime. Everyone crosses your path for a reason.


Stick to your strongest beliefs. People who won’t understand or try to bring you down for what you believe in don’t deserve to be around you. This is kind of  how the law of attraction works: stay true to yourself and the right people will come into your life.


People with the greatest hearts have the greatest fears. Be caring and loving towards people, and they’ll always have your back.


Everybody deserves a chance. Every person you met will always bring you something new: ideas, viewpoints, life experiences… Take the most out of them to enhance your open-mindedness and knowledge of others.


Life is short! Go on crazy spontaneous adventures, enjoy the moment and live life at 110%.


Self-confidence and releasing lead to self-improvement & the most unexpected and unforgettable experiences.


Show genuine interest and love to people. Demonstrate your value. That is how you build strong and long-lasting friendships.


Be humble, patient, dedicated to your work and the people you love. Stick to your objectives. Be grateful to be at the place you’re in at the moment, but don’t forget to enjoy and learn from the path that will lead to your goals.


People will love you for being unapologetically yourself. So make the decisions that feel right for yourself.

Finally, I wish everyone to live an experience abroad, as that’s when you learn the greatest lessons.

Feel free to comment your thoughts down below! I’ll be pleased to read them.

With all my love,

Bea. ♡


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  1. M
    julio 24, 2017 / 21:41

    Bea : inspire people you meet, don’t give up on what you love, never forget a bit of craziness to light up your day ♡

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