7 Things you should do at the beginning of each month

Happy New Year !

It’s 2017 now, how did the time fly by as fast?

I took a plane back to Madrid early in the morning on the 31st so I could celebrate New Year’s Eve here. I hope you had a lot of fun that night like I did! Straight out of the plane, I unpacked to put on my fitness clothes and went for a run in the park. That’s what I call motivation out of nowhere ahah! Now I have cramps from that plus from dancing till the sunrise 😉

If I had to take a quick look back of 2016, I’ll have to say that I’ve reached the fitness goals I set myself a year ago, I favorably passed my second year of licence in Paris- Sorbonne, I made a dream come true by coming to Madrid to spend the last year of my grade… I made a few lifechanging decisions that I don’t regret at all as they allowed me to evolve and step out from my comfort zone. Finally, I opened my blog four months ago, which makes me so happy.

For 2017, I wish to travel more and further, and meet new people. I also want to see results from my new fitness and health goals, successfuly complete my grade at University, and enjoy new adventures!

As I set my goals for this year and month, I thought I’ll share with you 7 things you should do at the beginning of each month:

1. Make a to-do list for the month

Here is where you write down in a whiteboard or notebook all the stuff you’ve been pushing back to do, so you’re finally facing it! Isn’t that a brilliant idea?

I’m talking about:

  • Renewing your passport
  • Taking a blood test for a doctor’s revision
  • Getting organized to study for exams
  • Taking a look on your bank account
  • Cleaning your car
  • Sorting your stock of administrative papers
  • Figuring out the rest of your career (applying for jobs, getting some information about your next Master Degree…) 
  • By the way, uptdating your CV would be useful for that too!

2. Make a goals list for the month

You put things down on this list that you want to accomplish in order to challenge yourself and improve at a personal level.

For instance, set realistic fitness goals (or anything else you want to see results from) such as drinking a certain amount of water per day or practicing sport twice a week.

Keep this list in a place where you can see it every day (not in an old notebook on a dusty shelf please!).

3. Book your next appointments & Fill in your calendar!

This is the fun part when you book your monthly appointments with your favorite hairdesser, for your next hair removal, manucure or pedicure.

You can get creative here while filling in your calendar with the events to come (don’t forget birthdays, exams and job interviews!).

I personally have a calendar on my laptop as it’s more handy and it sends me alerts whenever I have things planned.

4. Choose a book to read this month

Reading in the morning, while you are taking the public transports or before going to sleep is effective to unwind as well as reducing stress levels, and giving your eyes a good rest from the screens.

5. Deep clean your closet!

When it’s time to find an outfit in a short amount of time, having your closet organized is a total life saver!

I like to color organize mine because it’s pretty but mostly because I can visualize it much better as I have photographic memory.

6. Prep your meals in advance

If you’re a control freak like me, you’ll understand more than anyone how stressful it is to do not know what you’re going to eat for the next days, so you end up eating whatever comes to hand and in fast foods.

It’s easy to figure out your meals at the beginning of each month, furthermore it’s a smart way to save money and time (as you go straight to what you have to buy at the grocery store). Besides, you automatically eat healthier as you know what you put in your plate.

7. Make a backup of your data on a hard drive

You’ll think you’re a genius when your phone won’t turn on for no reason yet you saved your last score at candy crush, your notes and contacts, as well as the last pictures you took at that amazing party you went last week end. True story! 😉

At the end of the month, check the lists you made to consider what you accomplished and what you didn’t, so you can set your goals for the next month!

I wish you a very positive, healthy and successfull 2017.




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