8 ways to relax in the winter time

This weekend was my first black friday experience here in Madrid. I had my sister visiting me, and we decided to do some shopping in Calle Preciados and Gran Vía: the most famous streets for shopping in the center. On winter time they are beautifully decorated. To be honest, the shops were so overwhelmingly crowded we could barely enter, and the lines to pay were extremely long. I guess typical black friday ambiance! At the end we prefered walking down the streets to admire the magical holiday lights.

This time of the year can also be stessful because of final exams, a lot to organize, chritsmas last-minute shopping…

Here are some tips to warm you up and give you a little energy boost 🙂

1. Go on a walk

I love to put on my coat, scarf and furry boots and scroll through the Christmas market. It’s a way to leave home/work for a while and just enjoy all the food and smells of hot cocoa, gingerbread and mulled wine.

2. Sip your favorite winter drink

Nothing better than your favorite soothing hot drink to fight the cold and boost your mood.

I always opt for a big green tea with a teaspoon of honney, or a café latté with soy milk and cinnamon. I’m addicted to the one from Starbucks!

3. Practice some meditation

The days are shorter, it gets dark earlier, and we feel we don’t have enough hours in the day. It’s important to take a break from time to time.

Sit down, get a blanket and light some candles. Close your eyes for 5 to 10 minutes.

Concentrate on your breathe.I magine your thougts are cars on a highway. You’re sitting on the side of that road, watching them come and go. You’re a spectator of your own thoughts, dont try to stop them.

This helps for concentration and to free the mind from stressfull thoughts.

4. Have a Pamper Evening

A sunday evening is perfect to take time for yourself after a long week. Having a bubble bath with a face mask on is always a good idea. And yes, you should try it too, guys.

LUSH Christmas bathbombs collection is simply fabulous.

Listen to a themed playlist on spotify and, finally, lounge in your warmest flannel pijamas.

5.  Time to bake

This time of the year is perfect to take out the baking book and make some delicious cookies or cupcakes … It’s a very relaxing activity to share with your friends or family members, as well as doing it by yourself of course.

6. Have a  movie night

Favorite night plan: pop some corn and serve you a glass of red wine while enjoying a winter movie. If I had to recommend one, it will definetly be Love Actually.

8. Try Winter Activities

A nice way to unwind could be trying winter activities such as Ice Skating, building a snowman, decorating a gingerbread house… It’s time to laugh and enjoy the moment with your loved ones.

So these are my tips to fight the cold and make the most of winter.

I hope you liked it,







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