August favorite – Paris, The Grande Arche Roof

Axe Historique seen from La Défense Grande Arche

Hello everyone! Hope you’re having a lovely Sunday evening ♡

Today, I’d like to share with you one of the most unique places I’ve ever been in my life. As you know, I recently spiced up my travel posts with a new «Favorite place of the month» series. And as you could already tell from my previous travel posts, rooftops are really up my street!

This time, I literally took it to another level of experience intensity… I thought, why not ascend the 111 meters height Grande Arche, in the Parisian Business District?

The Grande Arche seen from La Défense Business Center

La Défense Business Center seen from the Grande Arche bottom stairs

After taking the glass elevator up to the top of the Grande Arche, you’ll discover a breathtaking panoramic view of the french capital. From up there, you’ll see the Axe Historique, or, in other words, the line of monuments that extends from the center to the west of Paris. Right in front of the Grande Arche, on a precise straight axis, sits the Arc de Triomphe.

To me, the Grande Arche is a must visit if you’re interested in getting an original overview of the capital, without it being an overcrowded touristy place. In fact, it’s very quiet and people actually take the time to admire the stunning view.

Additionally, Lina’s Bar is very affordable to have an afternoon tea or snack, before going back down to earth 😉

Panoramic view of the Grande Arche Roof

Axe Historique & Eiffel Tower seen from the Grande Arche, past the Skyscrapers

Afternoon Tea at Lina’s Bar (Grande Arche Roof)

Useful Information:

Ticket to the Grande Arche: from 8€ to 15€ (depending on age, student status…)

Ticket to the Grande Arche Expo: 4€

Lina’s Bar price line: Tea, 2,50€ ; snacks from 1,90€ to 6,90€


Hope you enjoyed today’s article,

With all my love,

Bea ♡


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