Back to school: Organized & Efficient all year long!

The main thing I learnt during high school was to be organized in order to get (very) good marks. Here are some of my tips on how I went from a lazy student to a good grader :


The most efficient way for me to take notes, is on a simple note pad. In fact, not having to care about keeping a super cute notebook allows to actually listen to the teacher and participate. It doesn’t matter if your notes are messy because the main thing is, on the week-ends, you would retype them or hand copy them in summaries. Summarizing you notes helps you to really understand and learn them easier.

It is also a way of letting your creativity flow as you are free to choose the support for your summaries and you can color code as you want.

You’ll think it’s a lot of work but actually when exams will arrive, you’ll be happy to already have all your summaries ready to study

For finals, I’ll get all my summaries classified by subjects in folders, so I just had to take them out to the library to study them.

Another important tip is to keep all your  exams and homework in a calendar to figure out when to start preparing them (a week before for example). This is to make sure you have enough time to review your notes and ask for some help.


Not very much indeed. You’ll need for sure enough paper, some folders, some highlighters, some sticky notes, and a calendar (it could be on your phone or your laptop).


Perseverance is key to success. If you keep making notes, asking for help, and organized, everything will be fine for you.

Beatriz ♡


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