Why you should be using Coconut Oil every day

First of all, where does this whole Coconut Oil trend come from? Also, why is everybody talking about Coconut products all over social media? Well, more than a trend, as one of the healthiest foods out there, it’s become part of the lifestyle of those who are concerned about their health and about what they put in their body. Before we deep into the benefits of Coconut Oil,… View Post

Delicious Brunch in Madrid (Organic & Vegan)

Hi everyone! Before I go straight to the point, let me tell that a combination of events hit me up out of nowhere last week-end and I honestly had to compose myself before I could get back to writing. Thus, posting last Monday has been impossible for me. Luckily, living in this beautiful city plenty of great people and fabulous places to discover – especially food ones –… View Post

New Year’s makeup look 2016

Hi everyone! I hope you’re having the most wonderful Holidays with your loved ones. In my side, I flew to Paris to spend Christmas with my family. It’s been such a lovely, quite relaxing time as I got to catch up with my sibblings and friends I haven’t seen since I moved to Madrid. Whilst I’m here in Paris, I thought it’ll be fun to film… View Post

Gold & Burgundy Fall Makeup Look

Hello there! This past week has been a little tough, cause, guess what? My phone died … For some reason it won’t turn on. Hopefully it will get replaced soon, but for now, I have to manage to get on my social media with a very old phone… Well, that’s not the end of the world; First World Problems, you know! With that said, I… View Post

Hacks to Contour like a pro!

Contouring is one of my most favorite parts of doing my make up. I feel like it really brings some dimension and vitality to the face. From a light natural contour to a total Kim Kardashian look, here are some hacks for you to become a pro! 1. BLENDING It’s the n°1 secret for a mastered contour ! Whatever tools you are using (a beauty blender,… View Post