3 Delicious Weight Loss Smoothie Recipes

I definetly saw a difference in how my body felt when I started adding healthier food choices. I mean, you’re confronted to food choices every single day, and in my case, around five times a day! At this rate, having an unhealthy diet can rapidly increase your body fat without even realizing it. That’s why snacking on an apple instead of chips, swapping out cow… View Post

Tips to fight Blue Monday

“Blue Monday” is a concept orginated in an advert released in 2005 by Skytravel Company, refering to the third Monday of the month of January as the most depressing day of the year. The variables of the equation apparently being: bad weather conditions, debt level, time since last holidays (supposedly you’ve already failed your New Years resolutions by this day)… That being said, I don’t… View Post


Dear readers, I could not keep my eyes off the screen of my laptop, turned on the french BFMTV News channel, since the terrible events that happened this evening in Berlin and Ankara. This situation of  me, sitting in front of a screen, raising my hand on my forehead, mouth shut but eyes and ears wide opened trying to absorbe as much information as I… View Post

Everything happens for a reason (motivation post)

Greetings! What mood are you in today? I feel like most of us have set the work mode lately. The thing is to be efficient and don’t procrastinate, isn’t it? I dare say that you’re reading this post while enjoying a (deserved) break, in which case hopefully your reading will be rewarding. Today, I was wondering what keeps me so positive about life in general. I came to… View Post

Challenge Yourself! (motivation post)

Hi! How’s your Monday been? I’ve been hustling all day long, and I it’s not time to flank with the rest of the week ahead. Today’s post is a bit special. I don’t want to write about healthy snacks and beauty hacks, but about real deep stuff. I mean, mental health is as important (if not more) as physical health. On bad days, I often find myself taking… View Post