Challenge Yourself! (motivation post)


Hi! How’s your Monday been? I’ve been hustling all day long, and I it’s not time to slow down with the rest of the week ahead.

Today’s post is a bit special as it’s more about mental health. I think it’s as important (if not more) as physical health.

On bad days, I often find myself taking things for granted and getting comfortable in situations that could evolve for better if I worked hard enough. Really, sometimes I forget that having a shelter, clean water and 3 hot meals a day are reasons to feel happy and grateful. Also sometimes I just buck the job instead of going further and giving a 110%.

On good days, on the other hand, I stay humble and positive about the things I achieved, as little as they could be: finishing an essay or getting to sleep before 12pm (that’s a miracle, right?). I’m grateful for the oportunities I’m given, specially when I learn someting about myself (for instance, job interviews, meeting new people, fashion events, trips…) and more particularly if they make me step out of my comfort zone.

Actually, this weekend I’ve been given the opportunity to travel to Granada with some german friends. This wasn’t a planned roadtrip at all but I’m so glad I went: the adventure was so worth it!

I’ve never done such a trip before, so I was wondering how could I feel about travelling in a bus for several hours and sleeping in a hostel (with all that entails). Indeed, I felt so comfortable. I have to mention that I involved myself in another non-planned experience: Somehow, we found ourselves climbing up a hill, in the dark, under the rain which made the grass slippery as an ice rink, holding on to branches, without any equipment except a headlamp and a raincoat. You must surely ask yourself what this fun activity had to do with visiting Granada? Nothing at all, it was a non-tourist tour of the outskirts of the city. Rest reassured, we haven’t lost sight of the Alhambra and the Arabian neighborhood.

Anyways, trust me if I say you learn so much about yourself by stepping out of your comfort zone. Staying in your achievements doesn’t make you evolve, doesn’t take you to places you’ve never been, doesn’t make you an open minded person interested about your surroundings, and , most of all, the effort of forcing yourself to do things is so worth it. At the end, you feel so proud of yourself, even if you made mistakes.

Have you ever genuinely said to yourself that you’re proud of yourself? I mean, giving you a tap on the back saying: ‘Well done!’ ? If the answer is never, maybe you didn’t see what you acomplished was someting to stop for a second and reward yourself about. Maybe you don’t comprehend how uplifting it is to treat yourself how you would treat your best friend: encourage yourself, be proud of yourself and give importance to your work when you deserve it. Be conscious that what you do matters, and when it is right or wrong, act about it (treat yourself, get yourself some rest or hustle even harder).

Likewise, set yourself some challenges that will take you where you want to be. The only person that keeps you away from your goals is yourself. I think having some fair competition with yourself is necessary to grow.

I hope you liked this post, I want to do more of them like this one. If you have any ideas please let me know in a comment down below!






All my love,

Bea ♡


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