Private Health Coaching Program


My name is Bea and I support people like you, to create a healthy,

sustainable plant-based lifestyle that feels good in your body and mind.


A few years ago…

I was that girl who ate tons of food all the time and never gained weight.

I could eat anything, anytime, and fat didn’t seem to stay in my body. What I didn’t know is that my eating habits were out of control, and, in my late teenage years…

Everything I was started going crazy.

I started gaining weight, I went trough years of severe acne, my digestive system was a complete mess. I could not control my appetite AND I could not recognize myself: I felt like my body was out of control. 

For 3 years, I did deep research about how food interacts with our body and mind, went 100% in my fitness journey and really took charge of my eating habits.


I feel more confident than ever in my body and mind.

I LOVE and take care of myself, mentally and physically.

I am in control my appetite, my weight and how my body looks every day.

I have the longest, strongest, healthiest hair I ever had in years.

I have the smoothest, glowing, radiant skin I ever had in my whole life.

I am the most positive, motivating, supportive person with myself and with others.

I have gained tons of knowledge and passion about nutrition.

I have a stable diet and I always feel good about what I eat, in and out of home.

I believe in this so much that I started a Masters Degree in Dietetics and Nutrition Coaching.

I know it is so possible for you to achieve as well.

I sincerely know, first hand, how you feel at the moment you are reading this: 

  • You are not in peace with food (you really would like to eat anything and not feel guilty and horrible)
  • You wish to not feel anxious about what is the next thing you’re going to eat.
  • You do not know what advice to trust, you feel so lost in a sea of information (your family, TV, social media influencers, doctors, fitness gurus…)
  • You’re unhappy about the way you look. You avoid looking at yourself in the mirror because what you see about yourself is unpleasant.
  • You are done trying to look good in your clothes, putting makeup on, because at the end of the day nothing can hide your defaults.
  • You try hard to control your body through your food intake, doing exercice… But you never see any change and you know you are damaging yourself.
  • You lack of self-discipline: you binge-eat, you stop eating, you never succeed at staying on a diet, you feel like you always fail and slack off.
  • Loving yourself feels the hardest thing you can accomplish and feels impossible because of all your limiting beliefs.
  • Your emotions depend on how other people look at you and what they think about you. You need confirmation and reassurance from other people to feel good.
  • When you compare yourself to others your feel inferior, unworthy, that you are never going to be like them.
  • Eating meat and animal products feels the worse, but you also feel you are unable to quit meat because you have been eating it all your life.
  • You are interested in having a plant-based diet because you know it is the right path for you, but don’t know where to start and what to eat.
  • You think and show you eat healthy but deep inside you never feel 100% good about what you eat.

Does it feel like this is where you’re at?

I can give you answers and solutions.

I invite you to apply to my private 7-week program right here:

I am here to support you to take the first step towards a happy, healthy, sustainable plant-based diet. 

Are you ready to achieve your own, unique & healthy mindset and body you have been dreaming of?

Let me guide you on your plant-based journey through a private 3-month coaching program designed for you.

After our 7 weeks together you will:

🌿Learn to listen to your body, so you can take control of what you eat and always make the right food choices.

🌿Be aware about what you put in your plate and how food has an impact on your body, so you can eat food that feels right and healthy.

🌿Make peace with food so you can feel free in your food choices and confident in your body.

🌿Build up healthy habits to make your life easier and maintain the most healthy body and lifestyle.

🌿Improve your loved ones’ lives, because this is about sharing realistic plant-based food habits, to help them make the correct food decisions and be happy as you are.


What you are going to receive in this 1:1 private coaching program:

  • Health Check-up Welcome Pack (value: 100€)
  • Ebook “Your Plant-Based Lifestyle Guide” with nutrition guidance, mindset building, healthy recipes, etc. (value: 150€)
  • Your own personal Logbook to record your Plant-Based journey (value: 150€)
  • Meal Plan Guide (value: 30€)
  • 2 weekly video calls for 7 weeks (value: 400€)
  • 2 45mins “cook with me” video calls (value: 100€)
  • 7-week private support via messages (value: 300€)

TOTAL VALUE: 1.230,00€


Open spots for my 7-week program are now available!

PS. Should you have any questions or are not quite sure if this program is for you, send an email to:


Bea ♡