Easy 1 week breakfast smoothies for work

Hello! Hope you’re having a lovely week end so far! I recently started an internship, so I’ve been trying to figure out how to still have healthy meals on a super busy schedule. As you probably know, I cannot leave the house without previously having a proper breakfast. But waking up at 6am now has changed the game a little bit. Now, my goal is to save time in the mornings, so prepping smoothies in advance for breakfast is the perfect solution. You can make them before starting the week, and it only takes you 10 minutes. You only need resealable plastic bags, some fruit or veggies of your choice, and freeze it all before blending your smoothie in the morning! This allows you to save so much time in the morning, plus have all your nutrients and vitamins for the day.

So for the week to come, I’ve decided to show you what I’ve put in my freezer bags. These are basic smoothie recipes that you can change up as you like, and add veggies to them: it’s totally up to you!

5 smoothie recipes for a week at work:

Monday: Strawberry, banana & oats + almond milk

Tuesday: Peach, mango & strawberry + orange juice

Wednesday: Blueberry, kiwi & banana + soy yogurt

Thursday: Strawberry, blueberry & banana + almond milk

Friday: Mango, peach & oats + soy milk


  • Wash your fruit
  • Cut it and put it in freezer bags
  • In the morning, empty a freezer bag in your blender, add your liquid, blend till you have the consistence you like, et voilà!
  • You can also take your smoothie on your way to work.

All my love,



2 Comentarios

  1. Carolina
    julio 16, 2017 / 16:23

    Amor tiene una pinta todoooo ! Es demasiado apetecible, sobretodo ahora en verano, comerse algo así fresquito es lo mejor !

    Te loveooo <3 <3

    • julio 23, 2017 / 15:22

      Muchas gracias cielo, la verdad es que en verano siempre aptecen bebidas fresquitas y rápidas de hacer!
      Te mando un beso <3

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