Hello friends!

I’m back! I’m sad and sorry it’s been such a long time since I posted content on the blog. In fact, I decided to spend my free time doing other things that were important to me. I felt the need to make the most of my last weeks of Erasmus exchange in Madrid. By that, I mean seeing the places I had left to visit (even though there are still more), but also holding on to my favorite ones. It was also the time to say goodbye to all my friends that have been flying to their home countries in dribs and drabs, and also to those who stay, who continue their lives there. It was the time to pay the last visits to my family members I won’t see in a long time. It was also the time to truly live in the present, to enjoy every moment spent with the people I love.

It’s hard to realize those nine months have come to an end, that I’m now back to the starting point. Even though I’m back, I’m not the same person who left. I’ve grown so much. I’ve learnt to care only about what really matters, letting things out of my control go. I’ve learnt to trust my intuitions and more importantly to work to reach my objectives, because every dream you’re able to visualize in your mind can occur in your life. Open mindness and saying ‘yes’ to the opportunities that are presented to you are the keys to really embrace the experience. As I’ve always said, going out of your comfort zone is the only way to know yourself the best and appreciate new experiences.

Honestly, leaving Madrid feels like I’ve lost someone. It’s truly deep and heavy to bear in my heart, and I have to live with it now. Was I prepared? I feel like you’re never really prepared to leave. I’m blessed to have been able to live and share this experience with you guys. What moves me forward now is to find new and similar experiences, so I can fill in the emptiness and feel alive again. Coming back to Madrid is in my plans though…

I don’t know what the future holds on, but one thing I’m sure of is that I’ve learnt something of every single person I met, and those are valuable lessons I’m so grateful for and I’ll remember for ever.

Now talking about fabulous experiences, one of my lasts and favorite ones in Madrid was attending to Vogue Flower Market, in collaboration with Loewe and Lexus. Located in the glamorous district of Salamanca, the market gathered 25 of the best capital’s florists. Scents of wonderful flower compositions were melted with the French Rochas perfume that was also featuring the event. There’s nothing that makes me happier than a lovely bouquet. Flowers are so diverse, delicate and fascinating! Strolling through the market was pure delight.

For the occasion, I wore a pink body with a scalloped neckline from this spring Bershka’s collection, that I’ve been loving to wear recently. I combined it with black flower printed shorts and black sandals with a silver bow detail from André, that I got a few years ago. They’re such good quality that I take them out every summer!


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