Everything happens for a reason (motivation post)

Greetings! What mood are you in today?

Final exams approach and I feel like most of us have set the work mode lately. We’re all about being efficient and especially not procrastinate, isn’t it?

I dare say that you’re reading this post while enjoying a (deserved) break, in which case  your reading will be rewarding.

Today, I was wondering what keeps me so positive about life in general. I came to the conclusion that this simple sentence I trust deeply in, resumes everything:

reasonEverything happens for a reason

Let me explain.

You’ll agree with me that sometimes things happen (whether they’re positive or not) that don’t make sense, that are out of your control, or, worst, that you can’t do anything about. I’m sure you found yourself in those situations before. And you know how frustrating it is to be impotent about something.

The fact is that some things are meant to happen the way they do, whether you’re satisfied with it or not. And when you can’t do anything to fix them, you still have the choice to change your perspetive, the way you see the situation. This has a lot to do with a positive mindset: it is proven that postitive thinking attracts positive facts in your life. On the contrary, same thing happens with negativity. Make sure to react positively and it will be for the better in the long run.

Actually, one of the easiest ways to implement positive thinking (changing your perspective about negative situations), is letting things go. It is simple but, I mean, when you feel unhappy about something, trust that the reasons why that happened will show up at the right moment in the future. When you’re concerned, accept that everything will make much more sense later on. So you’re not affected by those worries anymore, because you’ll find out, at the right moment, that everything happens for a good reason.

Now you only need to breathe fresh air and watch how everything finally falls into place. 

However, it doesn’t mean you souldn’t take action or try to fix things. This implies that when there’s nothing more you can do, letting it go is the best option: it’s not your concern anymore.

From there, all your problems will be simplified, your mind will clear up and you’ll have more space to think and act about what makes you happy instead.

Hopefully you can take a step back and look at your problems differently.

Remember that everything happens at its own time, everything will fall into the right place.

With all my love,


Bea ♡







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