Exploring Madrid’s Unique Vintage Market

This week we’re exploring the famous market that takes place the second weekend of each month in the Train Museum. The Mercado de Motores, in Spanish, takes you along the history of railways while strolling around the stalls. What I love about this place is that you feel like being inside of a large train station. The industrial style windows, the large brick walls and the active crowd almost reminded me of Saint Lazare train station, back when I lived in Paris.

This market is a must for vintage lovers. The stalls treasure the most unique fashion (I found beautiful edgy creations!) and decor pieces you’ll ever see in Madrid. But what would be a Spanish market without good music playing live, food and beers to share outside around a plastic table? It’s the ideal rendez-vous for gathering around, snacking and unwind in a sunny weekend.

Remember to explore your surroundings… you may find something you love. 



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