Organic & Vegan Brunch at Rayén Vegano

Hi everyone!

Before I go straight to the point, let me tell that a combination of events hit me up out of nowhere last week-end and I honestly had to compose myself before I could get back to writing. Thus, posting last Monday has been impossible for me. Luckily, living in this beautiful city plenty of great people and fabulous places to discover – especially food ones – has helped me a lot. There have been loads of ‘firsts’ in terms of food lately for me. I never thought I could discover so many delicious dishes by opening myself to vegan cuisine. For sure I was prepared to face some challenges, however I am absolutely amazed by the taste of the vegan meals I’ve been trying in a few restaurants in Madrid. Also, I can’t stress enough the health benefits I noticed on my body and mind. I don’t necessarily like to put labels on anything because I find placing people in categories is reducting but, I have to say my plant-based diet journey has been fascinating so far. I would post some updates of it if it helps.

On saturday, I had brunch in an organic and vegan restaurant called ‘Rayén Vegano’, located near Sol, in Calle Lope de Vega, Madrid. It’s a tiny place, still convivial and welcoming. You sort of feel like home. The food there is handmade and delicious, else, the portions were correct. It was actually recommended to me by a friend, I’m very glad he shared this with me. Shout-out to you if you pass by here! 😉

In addition to that, I found their website very interesting for the following reasons. Firstly, it is bilingual, so you can read all about their concept and convictions in spanish or english version. There is also a tab where you can see the organizations they support (animal, environmental and human protection). Last but not least, the tab ‘para pensar‘ (which means to think in spanish) is my favorite of the website as it is quite rare. In fact, it reunites most of the best informative content on the internet about what’s actually going on with environmental and animal rights issues. I highly recomend you to watch some of the videos in there, if not all of them, for your own personal awareness and critical thinking.

Back to the food, among several other combinations, they offer 3 types of brunches: from a large one to the ‘Green Brunchito’ which cost around 10€ each. I personally enjoyed the middle one described down below:

Brunchito’s composition:

  • A coffee, tea or infusion (I opted for a café latté with soy milk)
  • Homemade bread toasts with one ingredient (I chose tomato purée & olive oil)
  • The fresh seasonal juice of the day (Kaki & Orange)
  • A yogurt with fruit and granola or scrambled tofu with country potatoes.

‘Brunchito’ menu from Rayén Vegano


Yogurt of the day, granola, grapefruit, mandarines and apples.


Various ingredient toasts: peas, tomatoes, cashews, cucumbers and dressings. (first Brunch menu)


I’ll publish more reviews about healthy and vegan places I try here in Madrid, so stay tunned!

Have a nice productive week!




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