So that is it. I’m on this plane, flying away from home. How lucky I am that there is nobody sitting next to me. After all this time I’m finally beginning a new chapter of my life and I can’t be more excited. Even if I’m moving to a city that I already know quite well, it is quite a refreshing new start.

I’m afraid that I over packed a litte bit ( only 10kg over ) as it’s the first time I’m leaving for so long. I’ll do better next time! I also have a carry-on and my handbag with me on the plane, which I am used to pack, and that’s what I want to share with you today. I always bring some reassuring few items with me, so here are my essentials:

Flight handbag essentials:

Frist things first, I take my laptop and my headphones to work or watch a movie. I’m also super cold in flights so I make sure to bring a comfy sweater.


I also have a clear case where I keep a hand sanitizer and a mini-sized hand-cream, a lip balm and hair ties.

And as I wear contact lenses, I must bring their case and a solution bottle, as well as a little mirror in case I have any problem during the flight…

Additionally, if I fell asleep during the flight (which happens to me all the time!), I like to touch up with a light concealer and some translucent powder when arrived to look more alive 😉

Flight-friendly Snacks

I ALWAYS have room for snacks and chewing-gums in my handbag.

A perfect snack for me will be for sure some dry-fruit, a handful almonds, or a low sugar granola bar.


So that is it for my essentials, comment below what are yours !

Beatriz ♡


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