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I know for sure a lot of people are struggling with acne issues. From my passion for all Fitness and Nutrition related, I was led to know a lot about what nutrition has to do with acne.

I’ve learned that we take too much in account external causes (like skincare or hygiene – I know this is a huge part of keeping skin clear), but when you have an irreproachable skincare routine, it can be kind of frustrating not seeing results. What matters actually – for a lot of health issues indeed – is what you decide put inside your body. I really believe in that we are what we eat. This means all you intake does reflect on the outside, either in a good or bad way : you have the power to decide. As well as if you are very active and practice sport many times a week, your diet will give you 70% of the results you’re looking for.

With that said, here are some of my tips to avoid acne, based on nutrition:


The n°1 life-changing tip I can give you is to drink at least L 1.5 of water a day (8 glasses). Water flush away all accumulated toxins in your body. Build up toxins are dangerous for your health, so you want to support your body’s natural elimination process (by liver, kidneys and lungs).

Caffein, theanine, sport drinks, sugary drinks (sodas) dehydrate your body and even contain unnatural ingredients which are difficult to flush out. Water is also essential for skin hydration, making it looking healthy and glowing.

Remember that your body is 75% water, so not drinking anything but water for a certain amount of time will highly improve your skin texture.


As I said earlier, « Fast Sugar » causes dehydration, but its main issue is that it causes high blood sugar levels. Then, to lower your blood sugar levels, your body secrete a hormone called Insulin which basically rises your skin inflammation levels, disrupt the hormonal balance and allows pimples to grow in your skin. Also, – this is very important to know if you have sugar cravings – insulin takes your sugar blood levels down below they were before eating the food, so you end up eating more sugar as you feel low energy.

Processed sugar is very tricky to avoid as it is literally everywhere. So take it easy and first avoid industrial products such as cakes, sodas, biscuits, added white processed sugar, pastries…

Rely in « Slow Sugar » instead, which is found in potatoes, veggies, nuts, whole cereals (complex carbs). As a snack (or post-workout snack) you can eat some fruit that contains natural sugar (fructose) to give you a little energy push.


Animal milk (what dairy is made from), often contains hormones for the veal to grow, some proteins and fat that our digestive system cannot absorb anymore as we advance in adulthood. This is what your acne is maybe trying to let you know!

Dairy also raises the amount of insulin in your blood. As sugar, dairy is found nearly everywhere : creams, ice creams, butter, cheese, whey…

Some good dairy substitutes are almond milk, dairy-free cheese, margarin, plant-based protein powder… Don’t be scared to implement new things in your diet !

Additionally, don’t worry about calcium deficiencies, as there are many substitutes for dairy such as almonds: 125 mg calcium is equal to 100 ml milk or 50 g almonds.

After 3 weeks without having dairy, try and reintroduce it slowly back in your diet. You’ll notice the effects in your skin by yourself.

To sum up, give the right things to your body and it will for thank you for it.


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