The Heart of Spain

Ah, Madrid… What a beautiful city to live in. I can’t believe I’m only two months away from my departure, when I’ll finally graduate. It has been so much fun and enriching so far, as I got some of the answers I was looking for when I arrived. I already was in love with Madrid but, this time, it exceeded all my expectations. There’s always… View Post

Healthiest lunches to go in the center of Madrid

Hi guys! Today I would like to share with you my absolute favorite lunch places to take away in the center of Madrid. After discovering them, you’ll have no more excuses to not eat healthy on week days! 😛 Fit Food ♡ The concept: “Detox” is the master word of this gorgeous place that offers a wide variety of 100% natural fresh smoothies, fruit & cereal… View Post

Going out in Madrid: Best Sunset Rooftop Bar

Blank page. The cursor is beating at the tempo of the piano notes playing on the background, waiting for words to bloom fluidly over the desert page. As inking fresh skin for ever, the blank page gives the space to create ex-nihilo, thus corrupting its purity by definition. What you can bring into existence out of your ideas and by your actions is beyond belief. And what will remain after marking the… View Post

Why you should be using Coconut Oil every day

First of all, where does this whole Coconut Oil trend come from? Also, why is everybody talking about Coconut products all over social media? Well, more than a trend, as one of the healthiest foods out there, it’s become part of the lifestyle of those who are concerned about their health and about what they put in their body. Before we deep into the benefits of Coconut Oil,… View Post

Delicious Brunch in Madrid (Organic & Vegan)

Hi everyone! Before I go straight to the point, let me tell that a combination of events hit me up out of nowhere last week-end and I honestly had to compose myself before I could get back to writing. Thus, posting last Monday has been impossible for me. Luckily, living in this beautiful city plenty of great people and fabulous places to discover – especially food ones –… View Post

Best comforting vegan breakfast recipes

Hi guys! It’s about time to bring up the breakfast topic here, as it’s my favorite meal ever. Really, I could even have breakfast for dinner – what, oatmeal is delicious every time of the day -. As I was saying, I religiously have breakfast every day of the week, and especially on week-ends. You must agree with me that breakfasts on week-end mornings are… View Post

Tips to fight Blue Monday

“Blue Monday” is a concept orginated in an advert released in 2005 by Skytravel Company, refering to the third Monday of the month of January as the most depressing day of the year. The variables of the equation apparently being: bad weather conditions, debt level, time since last holidays (supposedly you’ve already failed your New Years resolutions by this day)… That being said, I don’t… View Post