Why are you always hungry? (And how to stop it)

Hi there! To be honest, the thought of not posting today crossed my mind. Ideed, since I published Bealthie’s Facebook page last night, I feel quite destabilized. Obviously, I first blog for myself, because it’s the way I found to express what I have inside. I love it, don’t get me wrong. Yet it’s got to a point where I’d certainly apreciate to get some feedback… View Post

7 Things you should do at the beginning of each month

Happy New Year ! It’s 2017 now, how did the time fly by as fast? I took a plane back to Madrid early in the morning on the 31st so I could celebrate New Year’s Eve here. I hope you had a lot of fun that night like I did! Straight out of the plane, I unpacked to put on my fitness clothes and went… View Post

New Year’s makeup look 2016

Hi everyone! I hope you’re having the most wonderful Holidays with your loved ones. In my side, I flew to Paris to spend Christmas with my family. It’s been such a lovely, quite relaxing time as I got to catch up with my sibblings and friends I haven’t seen since I moved to Madrid. Whilst I’m here in Paris, I thought it’ll be fun to film… View Post


Dear readers, I could not keep my eyes off the screen of my laptop, turned on the french BFMTV News channel, since the terrible events that happened this evening in Berlin and Ankara. This situation of  me, sitting in front of a screen, raising my hand on my forehead, mouth shut but eyes and ears wide opened trying to absorbe as much information as I… View Post

Everything happens for a reason (motivation post)

Greetings! What mood are you in today? I feel like most of us have set the work mode lately. The thing is to be efficient and don’t procrastinate, isn’t it? I dare say that you’re reading this post while enjoying a (deserved) break, in which case hopefully your reading will be rewarding. Today, I was wondering what keeps me so positive about life in general. I came to… View Post

Challenge Yourself! (motivation post)

Hi! How’s your Monday been? I’ve been hustling all day long, and I it’s not time to flank with the rest of the week ahead. Today’s post is a bit special. I don’t want to write about healthy snacks and beauty hacks, but about real deep stuff. I mean, mental health is as important (if not more) as physical health. On bad days, I often find myself taking… View Post

8 ways to relax in the winter time

This weekend was my first black friday experience here in Madrid. I had my sister visiting me, and we decided to do some shopping in Calle Preciados and Gran Vía: the most famous streets for shopping in the center. On winter time they are beautifully decorated. To be honest, the shops were so overwhelmingly crowded we could barely enter, and the lines to pay were… View Post