5 foods & easy habits to stay fit!

Hello Monday! What better way to start the week than by implementing some healthy habits? I am a huge believer that aside of regular sport practicing, your diet is essential to stay fit. Sometimes I’m not feeling working out for a week or two (as you can see, I take resting time very seriously 😉 ), but I won’t feel guilty in any way because… View Post

TOP-5 Favorite Instagram Accounts

What’s up guys? I hope you’re ready to begin this new week with positivity! For me, I’ve been sick all week-end : all I could ate were fruit smoothies, oatmeal and popcorn, as a result of the worst hangover I’ve ever had. I’m not proud of it but, whatever, that’s part of the ERASMUS life, isn’t it? 😉 By staying in bed all day, I’ve… View Post

Gold & Burgundy Fall Makeup Look

Hello there! This past week has been a little tough, cause, guess what? My phone died … For some reason it won’t turn on. Hopefully it will get replaced soon, but for now, I have to manage to get on my social media with a very old phone… Well, that’s not the end of the world; First World Problems, you know! With that said, I… View Post

4 French healthy snacks you need to try fo fall!

Hello ! 🙂 It’s Monday, and as I promised : post-day! I would have wished you a happy Halloween, but here in Spain it is more of a happy summer! In fact, I still have not swapped my favorite summer dress against a sweater one, as the weather in Madrid is incredibly warm! Even if it doesn’t feel like fall yet, I could not wait… View Post

Halloween Skull makeup look (Pinterest inspired)

Hi guys! I didn’t post in a long time … I was a little discouraged about my blog to be honest. But now I’m back on track and I prepared some really cool posts for the next weeks! I’ll be posting content once a week on Mondays from now on so be prepared for that. 🙂 Since Halloween is just around the corner, I filmed… View Post

Natural ways to avoid acne!

I know for sure a lot of people are struggling with acne issues. From my passion for all Fitness and Nutrition related, I was led to know a lot about what nutrition has to do with acne. I’ve learned that we take too much in account external causes (like skincare or hygiene – I know this is a huge part of keeping skin clear), but… View Post

Hacks to Contour like a pro!

Contouring is one of my most favorite parts of doing my make up. I feel like it really brings some dimension and vitality to the face. From a light natural contour to a total Kim Kardashian look, here are some hacks for you to become a pro! 1. BLENDING It’s the n°1 secret for a mastered contour ! Whatever tools you are using (a beauty blender,… View Post