First of all, where does this whole Coconut Oil trend come from? Also, why is everybody talking about Coconut products all over social media? Well, more than a trend, as one of the healthiest foods out there, it’s become part of the lifestyle of those who are concerned about their health and about what they put in their body. Before we deep into the benefits of Coconut Oil, let me point out there are different sorts in the market. To really appreciate all… View Post

Hi everyone! Before I go straight to the point, let me tell that a combination of events hit me up out of nowhere last week-end and I honestly had to compose myself before I could get back to writing. Thus, posting last Monday has been impossible for me. Luckily, living in this beautiful city plenty of great people and fabulous places to discover – especially food ones – has helped me a lot. There have been loads of ‘firsts’ in terms of food… View Post

Hi guys! It’s about time to bring up the breakfast topic here, as it’s my favorite meal ever. Really, I could even have breakfast for dinner – what, oatmeal is delicious every time of the day -. As I was saying, I religiously have breakfast every day of the week, and especially on week-ends. You must agree with me that breakfasts on week-end mornings are the more relaxing and enjoyable ones. For when I have more time in the morning,… View Post

Hi there! To be honest, the thought of not posting today crossed my mind. Ideed, since I published Bealthie’s Facebook page last night, I feel quite destabilized. Obviously, I first blog for myself, because it’s the way I found to express what I have inside. I love it, don’t get me wrong. Yet it’s got to a point where I’d certainly apreciate to get some feedback from my readers. It’s evident you have to do a little of self-promotion in order to… View Post

Happy New Year ! It’s 2017 now, how did the time fly by as fast? I took a plane back to Madrid early in the morning on the 31st so I could celebrate New Year’s Eve here. I hope you had a lot of fun that night like I did! Straight out of the plane, I unpacked to put on my fitness clothes and went for a run in the park. That’s what I call motivation out of nowhere ahah!… View Post