Halloween Skull makeup look (Pinterest inspired)

Hi guys!

I didn’t post in a long time … I was a little discouraged about my blog to be honest. But now I’m back on track and I prepared some really cool posts for the next weeks! I’ll be posting content once a week on Mondays from now on so be prepared for that. 🙂

Since Halloween is just around the corner, I filmed a Pinterest inspired  Skull Makeup Look. Check the video I posted on my Instagram account, right here.


img_4668 img_4658

I give you now the details of how I made this makeup look in case you want to reproduce it :


I used an orange shade fore the crease and a mauve/blue for the lid, from my Sephora Palet.

I blended in some black eyeshadow in the outer corners of my eyes and below my bottom lashlines to give some dimension to the eye makeup.

I also used a waterproof mascara, but you can put on some falsies: they look great too!

For the eyeliner, don’t worry if it’s messy, it has to be!

Next, I draged some mauve eyeshadow from the sides of my nose to my brows and I accentuated my dark circles with this color too. This immediately gives a very tired and angry look as you can see in the video or the photos.


After blending on some Sephora light concealer (this is my favorite concealer by the way) in the bombed areas of my face and under my eyes, I proceded contouring with the darkest shade of my my Nars Highlight & Contour Pro Palette . I went with the mauve color on top of it.

I sculpted my cheeks by drawing my cheekbones with a jumbo crayon and then blending it down my neck to make the chiseled skull cheekbone effect.


I filled my lips with an ELF dark mauve lipstick and I added some silver glitter on top.

To make the teeth, I drew two lines from the corners of my mouth to the cheekbones and some littles lines for the teeth. I thought this was the most difficult part but filanlly it wasn’t!

Neck & Chest

I drew with my fingers and some black eyeshadow a vertical line down my neck to my chest and some vertical lines to form the vertebral column of the skull. This completes the look perfectly!


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, please leave any requests below!

See you on Monday for a new post!

Beatriz ♡



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