Bealthie’s Anniversary: New Projects & Blog Makeover

Bealthie's Anniversary

Hi guys! Today I’m so excited to announce that is the 1st Year Anniversary of the blog!! I cannot believe how far I’ve come and how happy I am now. This year has been a great journey where I accomplished many of my dreams and projects, and I’m so grateful for that. I remember the first article I wrote exactly a year ago, on the plane, on my trip to begin a new life. And now I’m looking forward to the new exciting projects to come. How has this year been for you so far? Did you accomplished some of your 2017 goals yet?

New Projects & Blog Makeover

  • I’m about to make a fresh start (again!) and moving to another country for a year. It’s going to be extraordinary. As I’ll be travelling a lot more, make sure to subscribe to the newsletter in the sidebar on the right (you only have to enter your e-mail and you’ll receive a notification of new releases once a week), and also follow me on Instagram @bealthie as I post a lot about what I’m up to at the moment!
  • I’m also taking my blog to a more travel oriented direction. That means I’ll post original and exclusive guides of the cities I visit once a week. You can have a look at the best things to do and all the information you need to know when you travel as well!
  • Of course you’ll see lifestyle and fashion content in here as I’m still passionate about plant-based food, fitness and fashion.

I truly appreciate all of you who support me.

I hope you have a great back to school/work ❤️

With love 



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