The Heart of Spain

Ah, Madrid… What a beautiful city to live in. I can’t believe I’m only two months away from my departure, when I’ll finally graduate. It has been so much fun and enriching so far, as I got some of the answers I was looking for when I arrived. I already was in love with Madrid but, this time, it exceeded all my expectations. There’s always something new to see and new places to discover. On that note, new concept stores and restaurants are starting to bloom all over the city, hopefully changing people’s habits for more sustainable and respectful ones. And parties are at another level… The slightest pretext is valid to hang out, drink cheap beers and stuff your face with olives and crips at a bar terrace. Not mentioning clubbing here is unavoidable to understand spanish culture. But, as much as I’ll keep enjoying this city, I’m very excited for the trips to come. So stay tuned for that!

Back to Madrid, Plaza de España is an excellent place to enjoy sunny afternoons, observing the city’s activity, being at the crossroad of the main places of interest of the capital.

Thanks to my lovely friend @silvilcar for the pictures.



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  1. marzo 13, 2017 / 20:42

    Thank you so much, I appreciate ♡♡

  2. Carolina
    marzo 12, 2017 / 13:32

    My loveeeee! I just couldn’t agree more with what you said about Madrid. Best city ever! Haha and yes you cannot avoid clubbing, in Madrid and everywhere in Spain. I ‘m so happy to hear that you are having so much fun there.
    I have to say the pictures you have taken are just so pretty and I’m in love with how you were dressed!

    Lots of loveeeeeeee

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