TOP-5 Favorite Instagram Accounts

What’s up guys?

I hope you’re ready to begin this new week with positivity! For me, I’ve been sick all week-end : all I could ate were fruit smoothies, oatmeal and popcorn, as a result of the worst hangover I’ve ever had. I’m not proud of it but, whatever, that’s part of the ERASMUS life, isn’t it? 😉

By staying in bed all day, I’ve been stalking some of my favorite Instagram accounts in search of some inspiration and for my viewing pleasure, as they’re all beautifully made.

I thought, why not giving a shout-out to my favorite Top-5 Instagram accounts at the moment? Maybe you’ll fall in love with some of them…

I’m very into fashion/makeup/healthy lifestyle oriented Instagram accounts. So let’s begin with:




Apart from being an incredible makeup artist, Kaushal spreads positive vibes trough her lifestyle posts and YouTube makeup tutorials.

Here’s a sneak peek I think represents her well.







I always feel very inspired by the stunning and very original makeup looks she posts on her Instagram account.

Also, here is a sneak peek that shows the variety of the looks and the very high quality of the photos.








What I love about her account is that her photo setups are so unique. You can appreciate the effort she puts to make it all look perfect and in the same color palette.

I really like her fashion sense too. I think her account really stands out. Go check it out!









Everything is said above, in the description from her bio. What I have to add is that I’m amazed by the delicacy and charisma of her shots, and that they all tell us a different story!










On the healthy food side, I always go to this Instagram account when I lack of snack ideas. The pictures make you really want to get creative into the kitchen!





So here is where I get inspired, now I’d like to know what Instagram accounts inspire you. Feel free to let me know in the comments below!




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