Hi guys!! I am now back from my trip to Mexico, and I wanted to THANK YOU for all the food and activities you suggested! ❤️

With this post today, my aim is to show you that it is 100% possible to eat plant-based when you’re abroad. Here are some of the meals I had in Mexico, and I have to say that the food in this country is the best I’ve had so far!!

Veggie Fajitas


Veggie quesadillas & plátano frito 

@isla mujeres

Oat pancakes & Papaya Smoothie



@ playa del carmen

Grilled veggies, rice and guacamole 

@ playa del Carmen 

Hungarian Rollito Dulce

@playa del Carmen 

🇲🇽 Mexico food is such wide, flavorful and varied that you can also have many other options:

  • Burrito bowl
  • Black bean tacos
  • Grill stuffed bell peper
  • Quinoa bowl

Do you have more Mexican plant-based food suggestions? 😋

⬇⬇ Feel free to share on the comments down below! 🇲🇽


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