Zero Waste for Beginners

Hello beautiful people! Today I decided to come up with a zero waste «starters kit» for those of you who want to participate in creating a more positive impact on our planet. Isn’t that beautiful to have many options at the tips of your fingers to start being a responsible consumer?

Use reusable fabric bags

I have been testing reusable bags from the brand Earthwise, that I ordered on Amazon. They are 100% fabric and are the best option to shop your fruit and veggies at your supermarket without using the plastic bags available there, that are extremely polluting. I also carry my fabric tote bag EVERYWHERE so when I decide to suddenly shop for something, I already have my bag to carry it.

Switch your browser to ECOSIA

One of the simplest things you can do to directly contribute to plant trees where the earth needs, only by browsing your Internet: switch your default browser on your phone/computer to Ecosia. If you haven’t heard of Ecosia yet (where have you been), it is a research engine that donates 80% of its income to NPO for reforestation around the world. The coolest part of it is that it is a CO2 neutral business AND it is totally financially transparent. Yes, you can go check their finances and how they spend their money on their website. Really interesting. Also, it counts how many trees you have planted with your researches. You only need 45 searches to plant a tree! Knowing that I spend my time ordering food online/shopping/reading blogs, 45 searches are quickly covered!

Switch to bamboo toothbrushes

So at this point everybody knows how extremely polluting are our traditional plastic toothbrushes, that end up in plastic land fields and oceans around the globe. It is gone totally out of control! And, even if we recycle them, only 8% of the plastic we recycle is actually really recycled, as factories cannot keep up with all the new plastic coming in anymore. I really recommend you watch this quick video about the journey of a toothbrush, it’s really fun and eye-opening:

Once you have watch that video, you can never go back to plastic toothbrushes again.

There are a lot of bamboo ones available on the internet, I will link the ones I use down below on Amazon.

Use glass containers for food storage

I try to buy as less plastic as I can – for example I buy pasta in cardboard containers instead of plastic bags – and then I pour all my products such as rice, pasta, seeds, oats, quinoa, chickpeas, tea in large glass jar containers. Glass containers keep your food fresh longer that plastic ones + they are reusable infinite times.

Switch your body moisturizer /makeup remover /oral cleanser for Coconut Oil!

Once you finish all your plastic packaged face and body moisturizers, makeup removers, face cleansers, and oral health products (please recycle them after!), then just buy a big glass jar of unprocessed virgin Coconut Oil to do all those jobs. Coconut Oil is an excellent beauty replacement and is even healthier and more natural for your skin. I have written a whole review about all the different uses of Coconut Oil that I link right here so you can have a look of its multiple benefits.

Carry your reusable cutlery and straws with you

There are plenty of sets you can find on the internet, again I’ll link some down below. 😀

Links for products mentioned:

Videos you must watch!

Journey of a Toothbrush

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